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500mg 5% CBD in Organic Hemp Seed Peppermint



Tessellate Collective 500mg 5% in Hemp Oil is made from the highest quality Full Spectrum and natural Terpenes- We use the best and purest CO2 extraction method. Our oil is blended with Organic Hemp Seed Oil which is rich in Omega 3. Independently Lab Tested. Organic and Vegan friendly.


Tessellate Collective 500mg CBD 5% in Hemp Seed Oil, Peppermint Flavour

Full Spectrum CBD oil, 500mg 5% plus other cannabinoids and terpenes in Organic Hemp Seed Oil.

We use only highest quality full spectrum CO2 extracted CBD and natural Terpenes blended with Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Rich in Omega 3. Independently Lab Tested. Vegan friendly. 

2.5mg of CBD per drop, therefore we recommend you starting on 1-2 drops twice a day, increase or decrease amount as you need. A great method we suggest to our customers is to use a mirror to visualise how many drops applied under the tongue, then leave the oil sit and absorb without swallowing. Try not to drink anything 15-30 minutes after taking.

Ingredients; Cannabis Sativa L Oil, Cannabis Sati va L extract (CBD & other cannabinoids ), organic peppermint oil.